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Alea Allen
What up! I’m Alea Allen, and I joined SHS ROAR journalism my freshman year. I like to read and write (FanFiction mostly) and listen to music. (Kpop mostly. If you don't know what that is, look it up! It's pretty cool) I love to dance, but I’m lazy at the same time. I’m not really involved in anything though. (cuz I’m LAAAAAZZAAAAYY) I like to write fake stories about celebrities. (Kpop celebs, mostly. Yeah… I’m kinda addicted to kpop as you can see from what I read and write about.) or just random short stories that I come up with. I really like Korean culture and other things like that. I plan on going to Korea once I get out of college. (I’m going to learn the language first, or course ^_^) 나중에 봐! (Najunge bwa- See you later!) Peace!!

  • "Money." Jin

  • "I hate snakeu." Jhope

Alea Allen, Reporter

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