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Blood, Sweat and Tears
This year the Varsity Boys Football players worked hard to make it to the playoffs, demolishing Klein in the first round, leaving the score 19 - 7. The Varsity Boys were thrilled, they knew that in order to make it this far they would have to stay committed to the game. But unfortunately being”committed” didn’t work this time, the varsity lions were devastated when they lost to Bowie. Senior Safety Greg Archie says the worst part is, “when we lost” he says “anytime we lose it’s a bad feeling” But even losing didn’t stop them from coming together as a family. All of the good times outweighed the bad. Demarcus Spencer  Says “the best memory from the season was when the team got the entire cooler and dumped it on varsity player Damon while he was using the restroom.” The varsity players have a lot of good memories together, the team says it’s been a journey, and it was good while it lasted. The tears they shed made them realize that playing and working together as a family is more important. The seniors are hoping to get a scholarship if the opportunity comes.''this year has really been fun" they said. Being with their "bro's" and enjoying the memories have been a blast. Through thick and thin the coaches have really enjoyed the season with the players. It’s been tough the coaches say but their not giving up on their team and they will forever enjoy the small things, no matter what the outcome is. Although they didn’t make it to state this year, one day they will, all they need is faith and support. The juniors on varsity say that their ready for next year, and that "class of 2018 is taking over". Hopefully with their skills we can make it to playoffs again and take everything step by step.

Mikekel Robinson, Sports Editor

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The Student Voice of Spring High School in Spring, Texas