We Begin

Damian Barnica, Editor

We Begin


We begin this way;

this is your high school,

these are your friends,

this is a locker, rectangular and green.

Naive and growing

this is where you’ll start.

Time flies by,

naivety is lost. A blizzard

whirling and swirling.

Our classes, extracurriculars, liabilities;

the world so bright,

turned dark with confusion.

Will we do what we planned?

Achieve what we hoped?

This is your car,

here are your keys,

light, yet heavy

with responsibility.

You hold your life

in your own hands.

Do you sit in the driver’s seat

or stay in the passenger’s chair?

Once we start driving

we will learn that

all is not set in stone.

The word college floats above our head,

like a shadow cast in sunlight.

The word college scare you into action;

our scores the tipping point,

our grades the net.

This is your high school, this is my high school, this is the end

of something old and the start

of something new.

We are adults not children

Confident not gullible.

This is what you will remember,

this is your high school.


Cindy Keeya