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Layers of Love

Damian Barnica, Editor

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“Your world wrapped in luminous petals.
 Each one unfolding to reach the sun.
 It’s intense kiss will linger on your lips.
Just make sure to shield your eyes before you are done.
The blanket of warmth will wrap you so tight.
But it can get cold and your legs will begin to shake.
 Tears will fall and the ocean will overflow.
The waves become so strong that they will make the earth shake.
 Running so fast the breath escapes from your body.
Take a sip of the sea and then you will see.
Struggles come and go.
But you choose how you act and who you will grow up to be.
When everything is chopped and peeled.
 And your eyes have dried out.
The rings will bundle around your finger.
 And I’m that moment you will feel no doubt.
The layers of life will slowly decompose.
 Until it ends and another story begins.
The smell will stain each and every price of skin.
And the world will continue to spin”
Sofie Bevers
About the Writer
Damian Barnica, Literary Editor

What grade are you in? :  I am in 11th grade.

What do you do during free time? :  I either play games on my phone or study.

What is your favorite...

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Layers of Love