Damian Barnica, Editor


When first realized, it is captivating

Such as the gaze shared between the pair

Feelings run rampant as emotions are activating

To welcome a sensation so rare

When the writer picks up the pen the first time

They are invariably drawn; their love is prime

After a light drizzle, brings clear skies

Bright with anticipation and glee

An exchange of words without lies

Finally conjoins the pair formally

There is no worry that the hopeful eye spies

They dive deep into each other’s hearts

No longer running perpetual circles, rather

But appreciating the other as a cohesion of beautiful arts

The winding red string they are able to tether

Locks their eyes together like exact counterparts

As the two have become one

They reach a near complete understanding

Yet the shared stares induce a more pedestrian fun

New adventures and fiery passion withstanding

The doves were once struck by Eros

They were filled to their fullest content

They communicated through Iris and became immeasurably close–

Once never envisioned to conclude or become absent

The shared love was always destined to become broken

And the heart, an empty token


Javier Hodges

12th Grade

Dr. Stone Class