You Soar

Damian Barnica, Editor

You Soar

They begin this way:

this is their body,

this is their thoughts,

this is a shell, small and round

on the stems, as they continue to breach the unfamiliar.

That was a step, or a perch,

whichever you prefer.

This is the world.

Treading the known unknown

is their figure, pure

because it is winter, and caring

is their mother and then their aerie,

both strong and protective,

of the younglings and of each other.

This is now their world, which

is larger and more vast compared

to a cramped shell. It was right to discard their prisons,

now hallowed and empty,

that way they may grow.

Once they learn to fly,

the clouds will no longer remain silent,

neither will the wonders of what is to come,

almost instinctively do they cast shadows over the wide river.

To further their purpose,

flying far out of anything’s reach.

Those are their wing,

to which they now soar.

That was their world,

to which has now grown.


Solomon Foster-Smith

12th Grade

Dr. Stone Class