The Hamster Savior

Damian Barnica, Editor

By: Kaylee Anjali, Collins Woohi and Tehron Levillier

In Chicago, Clt at an Underground Train Station, Master Wood was in his lab testing all different chemicals on hamster eggs to change them into humans. Master Wood mixed the wrong chemicals on purpose to make the experiments go bad.

The hamster eggs turned into human like hamsters. Master Wood was a Father to the hamsters, so he gave them all names. There was Danta, Raph, Micheal, and the last one was Leo. Danta wasn’t afraid of anything. Raph was more of the nerdy one, but still very strong. Micheal was more of the relaxed one. Last but not least, Leo was the one to always get the girls.

Master Wood knew there was danger in the world. He especially knew of Claw. Claw has always wanted the hamsters for himself, but Master Wood would never let claw get near his kids for the reason. Master Wood decided to train the hamsters in case Claw and his minions try taking them. Master Wood trained the hamster day and night.


One day, the hamsters went above ground to get something to eat, but then they came across a girl. The boys have never seen a human so close before. Leo was amazed by her beauty. Megan began to talk about themselves they grew to like each other. Danta wanted Megan to meet Master Wood. Megan was a little shy. Once they got home, Leo introduced Megan to Master Wood and he liked her a lot.

The next day after work Megan was going to the hamsters. When she was walking she ran into Claw. Claw has been in the shadows watching them. Claw then kidnaps Megan and takes her to his warehouse. He figured that the hamsters would know that she’s not safe. Leo then realized she was in danger. Leo then told the other and they went out looking for her. Danta checked all the street cameras and found that Claw took her. ” There is only one place she could be ” said Micheal ” The Warehouse” they all said.

They all rushed to go and get Megan. They didn’t want Claw to hurt her. Once they got there they came up with a plan to get inside. BOOM! They broke down the door and saw Megan tied up. She was trying to scream for help. ” Glad to see all of you here ” said Claw ” Let her go ” said Danta ” I’ll tell you what. If you come and join my family then I will let her go, but if you don’t then you won’t like the ending of today ” said Claw. ” Nice try. We are not joining a bunch of criminals ” said Danta

” Fine. Minions, attack!” said Claw. Before they knew it everyone was fighting except Megan. BOOM POW BANG! The hamsters teamed together and took down all of the minions.

” Looks like your day didn’t end well after all ” said Micheal. ” Your not going to get away with this. I’m going to come back and get all of you ” said Claw. ” No, you wont because you are going to prison for the rest of your life ” said Raph. You have hurt innocent people, and now you are going to pay for the pain you have caused ” said Raph.

The cops came and took claw away. The hamsters then untied Megan and tried comforting her to make her feel more safe. They never wished for this to happen to her. They felt really sad and guilty of the pain and sadness she was feeling. Megan then told them that she was OK. She told them that he never did any physical pain to her. The hamsters were relieved.

They then went home to the Underground train station. They celebrated with carrots/ sunflower and ranch and partied. They felt a huge reassurance with their life now . Main of all these were happy that  nobody can hurt Megan anymore. They all went back to their normal life and Megan grew closer to them