Son of a Villain, Son of a Hero

Damian Barnica, Editor

By: Karina Aguilera & Dulce Matamoros

Pablo is a new transfer student at H.I.M. (Heroes In The Making) junior high. As Pablo makes his way to his first period, he’s hoping to make new friends at his new school. He also hopes that people won’t find out who his father is.

Pablo enters his classroom and the teacher notices him. The teacher ask Pablo to introduce himself and write his name on the board. Now every student has their eyes fixed on Pablo.

Pablo manages to introduce himself, but he knew everyone would know his last name was the same as a well known bad villain. Everyone now knew that he was the son of a villain.


As soon as his classmates knew that he was the son of a villain they treated him differently, all but one classmate Thomas, the son of a well known hero, was eager to become his friend. Pablo looked around for a place to sit and as he did Thomas gives him a big smile and gestures him to sit next to him.

As time goes by Pablo and Thomas become great friends, but people at school start picking on Pablo for being the son of a villain. He knew Pablo didn’t choose to be the son of a villain and wanted to be a great hero.


Thomas had a plan to record every single heroic thing Pablo did and share it to his classmates around the school. Day by day more and more people start seeing the good side of Pablo and start respecting him for who he is.

Pablo notices the change and asksĀ  Thomas about it. He finds out what Thomas has been doing and hugs him for helping him out and for always being there for him.

The people who used to bully Pablo are now giving him the same respect as they would to Thomas. Not only did the bullies start acknowledging him, but they even apologize for their past behavior.

No longer did Thomas have to protect his friend from getting bullied and no longer did Pablo have to protect himself worthy of peoples trust and respect.

Everyone looked past Pablo’s background and recognized that he was also worthy of becoming a hero. Pablo and Thomas could now continue their paths to to becoming great heroes together.