Speech & Debate

Do you have an argumentative “monster” inside of you? Better yet, do you feel passionate about social issues happening around the world? Then, Speech & Debate is for you! This organization has been revived by the Head Theatre Director Marilyn Ocker.

Speech & Debate is a growing organization here at Spring High School. Our club has the three officers assisting Mrs. Ocker at every twist and turn. Toneelea Shaftner is the President, Makayla Pellum is the Vice-President, and Melina Alvarez is the Historian.

Many people automatically assume that all we do is a debate, but they would be wrong. Speech & Debate has many options when it comes to competing. Yes, you can still compete in various forms of debate, but you can also compete in various forms of acting interpretations. The following are all competition events that the National Speech and Debate Association have set in stone for high school students to prepare and compete in.

-Lincoln-Douglas Debate
-Public Forum Debate
-Congressional Debate
-World Schools Debate
-Policy Debate
-Dramatic Interpretation
-Humorous Interpretation
-Duo Interpretation
-Duet Acting
-Program Oral Interpretation
-Informative Speaking
-Original Oratory
-Extemporaneous Speaking
Our organization has a place for everyone. If you would like more information about Speech & Debate, stop by room 228 to see Marilyn Ocker our coach, visit our website under the extracurricular activities tab on the Spring High School website, or visit the National Speech and Debate Association website.
Speech & Debate at Grand Oaks High School, Pictured from f to b, l to r: Ambroja Ferguson, Alyssa Buecheler, Toneelea Shaftner, Abel Torres, Rebecca Jackson, Clara Sarbah, Melina Alvarez, Lucian Chavez, Makayla Pellum, Marilyn Ocker, Zoe Taylor, Iliana Chavez, Gwendolyn Penny, Brian Addington, Makaila Heath, Devin Randle, Jada Stewart, Ronald Goings, Kelvin Robinson