Damian Barnica, Editor

By: Anonymous

I arrived at Twin Creeks Middle School after hours and uncased my instrument.

As I warmed up, my hands began to feel clammy but I knew that all the practicing would pay off and lined up outside the audition room.

When I entered the room, I noticed the judge’s emotionless face staring holes into my head.

My heart was going for a world record mile time and the butterflies were rushing to find an escape.

I introduced myself and the piece I soon there ready to perform.

Then, I began.

The piano accompaniment filled the room and I colored the sound with my own.

Eventually, the piece came to an end and silence occupied the previously vibrant space.

I see a faint smile spring onto the judge’s face and the criticisms that follow feel me with a sense of accomplishment.

I sigh with relief and leave.

In the next couple of days, I receive the judge’s notes and spot the overall rating of my performance.

I had gotten “outstanding candidate for a soloist”, the highest category that one in a section can earn.