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Tejano singer Joe Lopez is out of prison since Oct 2006

Diego Vasquez

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The Beginning of Joe Lopez’s foundation of Group Mazz since 1978?

On 1978 in the city of Brownsville, TX Joe Lopez and his friend Jimmy Gonzales found the group Mazz their first album was in this same year it was established well in the decades of the 80’s through the 90’s this group became the number 1 Mexican American Tejano group to be nominated at the beginning of 1990-1991 they won their first nominated grammy then in 1994 that year won their second Grammy award.

The dissolve of Grupo Mazz without Lopez?

In 1998 Joe Lopez got a decision to get out of the group but Gonzales got the lead on the group but on 1999 Lopez creates his own group called the new Mazz but the others made their own album with Gonzales one day they be reunited again but this the only part of the Tejano history.

Their last concert in Dallas, TX?

On 2006 after Lopez gets arrested for abusing his niece the group Mazz and Lopez made their last reunion with him at a concert in Dallas but his last words to Jimmy he said I will come back with this group someday this joe Lopez’s last time with the group after his bad days.

Lopez’s arrest after the concert?

The cause of the problem was he didn’t suppose to do that after his last concert the problem was he abuse his niece for sexual problem behavior is not unacceptable one of his attorneys he said he was innocent to the Texas court judge but someone says that someone order his to abuse his niece his niece said I don’t want him anymore so they said that he needs an ankle monitor and don’t talk to 17-year-old girls.


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Tejano singer Joe Lopez is out of prison since Oct 2006