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FCC Kills Net Neutrality

The proposal to repeal Net Neutrality has opened discussions all through the United States.

Arly Duran, Reporter

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Bet you didn’t think that you’d ever have to know what Net Neutrality is or how it affects the lives of the people in the United States. Net Neutrality is the principle that internet providers treat data on the internet the same without discrimination against content, websites, etc.

Net Neutrality has always been a controversy between big companies and citizens, although the FCC has taken Net Neutrality rules under the Title II of the Communications Act. The repeal of Net Neutrality has been proposed recently by Ajit Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

The proposal has sparked a major dispute between the news and social media. Many people are against the repeal because of how it’ll affect their daily lives. Others are for it, because of the way it benefits major companies like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc.

Senior Kolton Baker had much to say on his position on the proposal of the repeal and where he stood on it.

¨It affects my life because social media is a huge part of my life,” said Baker.

Baker also believes that Net Neutrality should be kept he said, “It´s easy access to the internet; it´d be harder to talk to my girlfriend, females, my mother. Like all types of communication, because I don´t use text messages, it´s all Snapchat now. So that [social media] could monetize so I’d have to change how I talk to people.¨

Not only does it affect students like Kolton Baker, but teachers and administrators. Physics teacher Mr.Tadt, believes that Net Neutrality should be kept instead of repealed.

“It is very important to keep it. There are many benefits that not many people think about which will be greatly affected if net neutrality is taken away. One example is just the average person having to already pay $50-70 a month for highspeed internet. With this, we will also have to include websites that are now at a premium. Just with going off of examples of how cable does it the average consumer might have to pay an additional $50-100 a month just for the sites that we use every day for free. This could also hurt small business since people might not have access to their websites and be able to stumble upon it or have a friend suggest it. If they don’t own their subscription then they won’t be able to help,” says Mr.Tadt.

People all over the U.S have taken a stand against the repeal since it’s been proposed. Many have made petitions and have called and emailed their senators. The retaliation against the repeal is unpredictable because many are unaware of where many of the commissioners of the FCC stand.

“I personally do not see much retaliation if it is implemented. People NEED the internet and are addicted to many websites that they use every day. If they have to pay it most will not be happy about it, but they will still float the amount. What could happen however is people like Elon Musk are currently creating satellites that will help give everyone free highspeed internet. If companies like this help with giving a premium internet without all those added fees more would switch over to it and companies can either follow suit or lose a bunch of customers,” says Mr.Tadt.

Big businesses and tv providers have lost money throughout the years because everything is internet based. When the proposal to repeal net neutrality came about many of the businesses where for it because it’d benefit their companies. Although it’s helping the companies make money, it’s also the downfall of many smaller businesses or other businesses that utilize the internet. Schooling, smaller businesses, jobs all use the internet and it’s an important factor.

Junior Sophia Previlon, believes it affects the lives of others and herself.

“I think the way it would affect my life is I wouldn’t be able to access anything,” says Previlon.

Not only does Previlon think that it affects her life but she also thinks, “it’s important to keep it because it’s [internet]  valuable to all things. And it helps us get things quicker in our daily life.”

The proposal has changed people’s views and has many people questioning the government. It has even caused Congress to introduce the idea of saving Net Neutrality.

As of recently December 14th, 2017 the FCC voted 3:2 against Net Neutrality. Although the act has to go through court, a collection of citizens displayed their reactions all over the internet. Numerous were upset over the fact it was voted out. Major businesses who will lose money from the repeal are set to sue the FCC, as well as multiple states who are against it.

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FCC Kills Net Neutrality