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Spring High School Takes Creativity To The Next Level

Students wear homecoming mums around campus to express themselves.

Alea Allen, Reporter

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Students participate in homecoming, by wearing homecoming mums. They are worn to show school spirit and having pride in your school.   

At first, homecoming mums started in Missouri when a boy gave their girlfriend or mother a chrysanthemum flower. Then Texas schools created it into what we call today, Homecoming Mums.  

“I thought they were really pretty.” freshman, Jordan Snow said.

Homecoming mums are created with artificial flowers, ribbons, and sometimes, stuffed animals, lights, and bells.

“At first, from being from California, I thought it was crazy!” principal, Mrs. Melendez said.

Homecoming mums can be handmade or bought at a store, which is very expensive, but some people like to go the extra mile, and show their pride in their school by wearing them. Go Lions!

“When I first saw the homecoming mums, my eyes lit up. I like to wear them because I like to be extra and show positivity.” Senior, Vanessa Rodriguez said.

Most places, homecoming mums are not very popular, but it’s in very few places. But homecoming mums are also popular among Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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Spring High School Takes Creativity To The Next Level