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Staying In For Valentines Day ? Well Dont

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Mikekel, Top 10 Dates For Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, and for most Spring High School students it’s important to give your loved one the right gift. So leave it to me to put your awful gifts aside and guide you to a sweet Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a pleasent time to get cuddly and share a piece of your heart with your beloved oned. And What’s more romantic than taking your valentine on these top 10 dates?

10.Brenner’s On The Bayou – this is a very good chic spot to go for dinner and a few non alcoholic  drinks. If you’re looking to spending $31-$60, then 1 Birdshall St is the place for you.

9. James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace – Located adjacent to the shepard school of Rice University campus,the skyspace has a light show every sunrise and sunset. It’s a great place to experience peace and quiet alone with your valentine.

8. Houstanian Hotel – This hotel continues to excel and please, the service is super and the hotel is a delightful place. It is close to the galleria area and downtown. This hotel is absolutely top notch from the way they handle room service.

7. The Rainbow Lodge – Between the amazing decor, the beautiful log cabin settings on the Banks of Bayou and the delicious game centered menu. The rainbow lodge is a classic dining experience for you and your loved one.

These great places are located all around the Houston area, so for those who know how to drive and wants to up it a little then these are great places for you.

6. Top Golf – This global sports experience located in Spring, Tx  is a pretty cool place for a great night out to have fun with your friends or maybe an even special one, if you know what i mean.

5.  Amc – This neighborhood movie theatre is a perfect place to get comfortable and spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The seats are great and the movies are fantastic.

4. The Black Sheep Bistro – Located east of the 45 in old time spring The Black sheep Bistro is an amazing dining that serves the customers with beautiful and excellent food, with the finest ingredients.

3. Jax Burgers and Shakes – This place serves a Variety amount of burgers and shakes, this place is fantastic for couples who like to get down to eat.

2.Corkscrew BBQ – You’re gonna love what their smokin, this place sells out every day. Their food is made fresh and good wit a secret ingredient of barbeque.

1.That Escape Place – If you’re wanting something to do with your family or even just two people then i recommend you to go to this place and try to escape. This place is an great experience.You must go to have fun.

So there you have it, great places to go, fun things to do, it’s not my problem anymore.

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  1. Escape place on November 1st, 2017 9:40 pm

    If you are in the fort collins neighborhood….you can also enjoy escape room game…recently I have visited there and it was amazing….


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Staying In For Valentines Day ? Well Dont