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Abridged Over Troubled Water

Louisiana faces Crisis In Their Water

Treyvon Chesney-Hendricks, SHS Staff Writer

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“The environment will continue to deteriorate until pollution practices are abandoned” – B.F. Skinner  


The condition of the water in Louisiana seems to be critical, according to the site. “One of the leading causes of damage to the Louisiana bayous would be polluted storm water runoff” states Coach Lucas. Oil pollution, sewage from municipal, etc. are also causes of the pollution in the water.

Similarly, the punitive circumstance of the Louisiana water went out of control once again in August 17. More than a dozen lives were claimed due to the flooding, which is devastating. Around September 9, the flooding came to a sudden decrease, allowing for people of Louisiana to repair the damages.

In addition, this is relevant to the southern United States due to 2 main reasons. One, this situation can happen to the southern state, just like it occurred in Louisiana, and it is paramount that the southern states find a solution to this issue of the flooding. Second, if the continuation of the flooding were to keep occurring, consequences that are unlikely to be seen are bound to happen.

In conclusion, the condition of the Louisiana water is unhealthy, due to the constant flooding. The drinking water in Louisiana is unsanitary. Brain eating amoeba is found in the water of Louisiana, lives were claimed during the flooding. If this is not fixed soon, Louisiana could be facing a predicament too enormous to be solved.


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The Student Voice of Spring High School in Spring, Texas
Abridged Over Troubled Water